sonnet (2015)

written & played at la berceuse in 2013 & 2014
released march 30, 2015 on cd, lp and digital by kranky (krank193)

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with no advantage (0m32s)
the gilded fear that guides the flow (4m36s)
of everything that rhymes (5m03s)
is in its clearest form (0m40s)
an image apart from ourselves (3m42s)
whose palms create (4m06s)
as would a weaver (1m34s)
a shade of celadon (2m27s)
so etched in memory (2m56s) [listen]
upon the break arch (5m36s)
that wounded weathered (1m18s)
shut-ins on sunday see (3m19s)
the very edge of its flame (7m29s)
and relent (2m41s)