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video [official]

margin [from hymnal, dir: daniel algarin]
reliquary [from hymnal, dir: chris hefner]
censer [from hymnal, dir: justin koleszar]
triggering back [from précis, dir: adam hunt]
idyll [from temper, edited by me]
ragged tint [from temper, dir: ryan jeffery]
a woolgathering exodus [from temper, dir: church & steak]
sweep generator (dusk version) [unreleased, edited by me]
ampless [unreleased, edited by me]
a coin on the tongue [from lasted, dir: daniel algarin]
lasted [from lasted, dir: church & steak]
shouting distance [from lasted, dir: zachary gray]
a bend in the mast [unreleased, dir: jason akira somma]

video [live]

interview / live in paris [part one] [part two]
circle into square acoustic session
magicrpm set at fléche d'or (paris)
train station session for they shoot music (vienna)
instrumental / "tie" at mikrokosm studios (lyon)