2 december 2017

i am offering 20% off signed CDs & LPs and most digital releases on bandcamp for the rest of the year,
including recent titles slow spark, soft spoke, lignin poise, stanza i, ii & iii and perils;
just enter the code bp2017 at checkout.

21 november 2017

belgium's dauw label has released my new album slow spark, soft spoke on cassette & digital formats.
read a very kind review from echoes & dust and check out this video by stijn huwels.

15 september 2017

yannick mosimann has created a hypnotic video for my only vocal song of the year, which comes
from a split 10" with will samson for the thesis print/track series.

12 september 2017

my new album lignin poise is now available digitally via bandcamp and on limited lp via beacon sound.
thanks to all who have supported, & for these kind reviews from pitchfork, XFDR and music won't save you.

28 july 2017

a new album of pieces for guitar, voice & tape called lignin poise will arrive via beacon sound on september 8th.
a digital pre-order is available now via bandcamp while the limited LP is available through the label's site.

16 february 2017

i'm pleased to announce my first european tour in three years; details are on the live dates page.
for those interested i will be selling a brand-new, handmade, limited tour album at all shows.

14 october 2016

my new album the benoit pioulard listening matter is released today ; signed copies are
available over at bandcamp along with newly restocked copies of previous albums.

vice conducted a very thoughtful interview about the album's origins, which you can read here.

9 september 2016

i will be playing a small series of US & Canadian shows this fall with fellow kranky artist loscil ;
dates & venues are available here.

29 july 2016

my sixth album for kranky, a return to vocal-based work called the benoit pioulard listening matter,
will be released october 14 ; check out details and a song via flood magazine.

27 june 2016

i have posted a new album-length release called radial to bandcamp, collecting a few rare,
long-form pieces to help cover the medical bills from my recent broken wrist.
any support is greatly appreciated!

6 june 2016

a brand new, limited 7" record called seize / marre is now available via bandcamp.
each copy was assembled, signed & numbered by me, with vinyl pressed by backwards.

18 april 2016

a new ep of guitar & voice pieces called thine is now available digitally via bandcamp,
and all my other LP & CD releases are back in stock on the merch page.

1 february 2016

i am very pleased to announce my first us/canada tour in three years, which begins mid-march.
see the tour dates page for details, and watch a short teaser trailer by sean curtis patrick via this link.

16 november 2015

all digital & physical releases are currently available for 15% off with the code "bp2015" at Bandcamp.
huge & endless thanks to everyone who has supported me through this busy & productive year.

20 october 2015

Morr Music will release Noyaux, a new collection of loop-based pieces intended to be heard
at both 33 and 45rpm, on November 6. The yellow vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies ;
listen and pre-order here.

6 october 2015

on october 23 desire path recordings will release PERILS, my full-length LP with kyle bobby dunn.
read a few words about it over at fluid radio.

21 september 2015

my bandcamp page has been restocked with vinyl & cd editions of all kranky albums, as well as the stanza i & ii
full-length cassette released this week on baro records.

20 august 2015

headphone commute spoke with me about my recording process & inspirations in a new edition of in the studio.

12 august 2015

a new collection of guitar & voice loop pieces called stanza ii is now available for pre-order on bandcamp.
some of these pieces are being used by ace hotel for an audio collection of bedtime stories ; read some
words about the collaboration over at their blog.

7 may 2015

the spring edition of the rail cables series is released this month, featuring an entire side of new music
by yours truly, as well as contributions from symbol, being and dead voices on air.
hear a track and pre-order the fancy double-lp package here.

27 april 2015

fractured air has posted an extensive interview about my recording process here ; other kind words
about sonnet are catalogued here and all my releases remain available via bandcamp.

6 april 2015

the digital version of the stanza album - which was included with the sonnet handmade
package - is now available via bandcamp along with physical copies of other releases.

31 march 2015

my new album sonnet is released worldwide today ; you may read reviews here,
purchase signed cd & lp copies via bandcamp or go the digital route over at itunes.

16 march 2015

in addition to the new album sonnet, all my in-print titles are now available on signed cd & lp
via bandcamp, as are digital editions of roanoke and plays thelma with new bonus tracks.

3 march 2015

signed copies of sonnet are now available for preorder on cd & lp via bandcamp, & will be
shipped to arrive on or before the release date of march 30th.

23 january 2015

i am pleased to announce my fifth album for kranky, entitled sonnet.
it will be available in lp, cd, and digital formats from 30 march 2015 ; listen & read more here and here.

7 april 2014

the endlessly talented sean curtis patrick has meticulously assembled a video for
the orcas song "infinite stillness", which you may see here.

2 april 2014

my new album with rafael anton irisarri as orcas is now available from morr music.
limited white vinyl and other editions may be ordered here.

11 february 2014

my second album with rafael anton irisarri as orcas is called yearling and
will be released april 4th on morr music. details and song previews are available here.

14 january 2014

the hymnal remixes double-cd/digital album is now available to order from lost tribe sound
where you can also preview many of the tracks.

other recent releases to which i've contributed include a compilation of kate bush covers
benefitting women's reproductive rights and a tribute to the writings of wilhelm reich.

18 november 2013

lost tribe sound is set to release the double-disc/digital compilation hymnal remixes
which includes entries from loscil, radere, myself & many others ; a fantastic version of the song
"hawkeye" as envisioned by the remote viewer is streaming now on my soundcloud page.

10 july 2013

france's arbouse recordings has released a live recording of the final
show of my first european tour from 2009 ; it's available in a highly limited cd run here.

also, the steinberg principle has posted a very thorough interview/conversation
with yours truly
here if you have a few minutes to pass.

16 april 2013

portland's justin koleszar has made an excellent video for the song
"censer", which is viewable here.

also, digital versions of the roanoke mini-album & a cassette ep called
studies for hymnal are now available through bandcamp.

7 march 2013

chicago's chris hefner has created a beautiful video for the song
"reliquary" from my new album hymnal, which you can see here.

4 march 2013

i am pleased to announce that my new album hymnal is now available digitally via itunes
while lp & cd copies can be ordered directly from

24 february 2013

the first few reviews of hymnal have come in & are available here.

20 february 2013

anti-gravity bunny is celebrating five years with a free compilation of
unreleased music, including a piece by yours truly.

also, the atlantic have named "margin" their song of the day !

7 february 2013

montréal's zachary gray has completed a lovely remix of the song
"margin", which you may stream and/or download here.

he also directed an excellent video for "shouting distance" from
my previous album lasted.

5 february 2013

pitchfork have premiered a video for the song "margin" from my new
album hymnal, directed by daniel algarin.

29 january 2013

i have created an official facebook page, and would love it
if you'd like it.

22 january 2013

i am very pleased to announce the release of hymnal, my fourth full-length for kranky,
which arrives in cd, lp & digital formats on march 4th.

prior to that - on february 28th - germany's wool recordings will release a collaborative 7"
that i composed with foxes in fiction, a song from which is available here.

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