sonnet (kranky, 2015)

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"Four Stars (****) - As with the best music of this kind, Sonnet rewards paying rapt attention to its minute
changes as well as its wider sweep...[it's] a beautiful, affecting exploration of form and freedom."
All Music Guide

"7.2/10 - A regeneration... best consumed whole in a single sitting, where [the] sense
of exploration can truly unfold."

"8/10 - Compelling and lovely."

"[Sonnet] moves Pioulard into an upper echelon of evocative memory-decay music that includes
Tim Hecker, Fennesz, and not many other people I can think of."
The Out Door

"Four Stars - Schedule this in, find a comfy, lonely spot - hire a surround sound if you need to."
The Skinny

"Crafted by a confident, skilled hand... A fresh new set of colours for [Pioulard's] palette."

"Impossibly good."
Tome to the Weather Machine

"Confoundingly beautiful."

"Incredibly lush... When it comes to ambient music, Sonnet is one of the highest peaks."
Fluid Radio

"A divine world of swirling ambient sounds and luminous guitar tones - awash with a myriad of
field recordings and found sounds - feels like an awakening; steeped in raw emotion and feeling."
Fractured Air

"Some of the most affecting instrumental music you'll hear this year... Breathtaking."
Drowned in Sound

"On bustling streets, rickety trains, or walks through the park, Sonnet tints the air, the detritus and beauty
at each turn drenched in hues both sweet and haunted. It softens life as it exists."
NY Observer

"Four stars - Noisy tape trundling and forest babble give a sense of alienation amongst the familiar sombre
melody that we can't get enough of."
Norman Records

"Album of the Week - A thing of beauty... Highly recommended."
Aquarius Records

"A looping sonic utopia."
Rarely Unable

"A sonic poem for somnambulists and those who engage in other types of nocturnal wandering."
Other Music

"A striking balance between a vast soundscape and human-made industrial elements."
Boston Hassle

"Gorgeous dream-pop and warbling, Basinski-esque ambient music."

"A lofty experience [with] melodies unfolding more patiently than spring, layered textures fuzzier
and deeper than your chenille throw, and reverb more cavernous than a 15th-century cathedral."
The Sights and Sounds

"Just because we've thoroughly enjoyed the airy and otherworldly folk on aural display post-millennium,
doesn't mean that mixing it up is totally out of the question... Onward to ultra-minimalism!"
Tiny Mix Tapes

"Easily one of [his] best records... Builds upon the many experimental notions explored on his earlier
releases, whilst pushing out some new and exciting ideas that fall effortlessly into place."
Echoes and Dust

"I am lost in the best of ways... a high-mark in his discography."
Sound Colour Vibration

"Per questo motivo, il Nostro non puo piu essere chiamato cantante, cantautore, ecc. bensi, poeta."
Carnage News [IT]

"Straight up ambient bliss... Highly recommended."
Anhedonic Headphones

"Atmosfere sofisticate e che rilanciano la musica come esperienza, come connessione con cio che ci circonda."
Son of Marketing [IT]

"Pioulard [e] una sorta di Vivaldi contemporaneo, spogliato del barocchismo e alle prese con pedali,
nastri e chitarre effettate al posto del violino."
Ondarock [IT]

"Eine derart traumhafte, dichte und gleichzeitig luftige Atmosphare generiert, dass dem andachtig
schwelgenden Horer vor lauter frei flottierender positiver Vibrationen schon mal die Luft wegbleiben kann."
Nonpop [DE]

"Eine weiche, wollene Decke, die an einem Fruhlingsabend den notwendigen letzten Rest Warme spendet:
so nebensachlich, so schon, so schon nebensachlich."

"Mit anderen Mitteln vermag es Pioulard diesmal, eine entruckte Traumstimmung vermittels
Reduktion auszulosen."
Platten Tests [DE]