lasted (kranky, 2010)

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Four Stars [****] : "Masterfully textured...[Pioulard] can convey the pink-cheeked rush of being outdoors like few other artists."
All Music Guide

"Sublime atmospheric wizardry...He [sings] with the warmth and conviction of a true romantic."

"[Pioulard's] songwriting has never been stronger...[Lasted] invites you to listen closely. 7.9/10"

Album of the Week: "A fascinating artist...Lasted features some of Meluch's most dynamic and accessible songs to date."

"[A] meticulously well-crafted album...9/10"

"Wonderfully refined...His albums [are] infinite treasure troves. 4.7/5"
The Milk Factory

"A contender for my album of the year...Get this, now. 9.2/10"
Soul Muzak

"A wonderfully beautiful collection of songs; it's a crime that someone [so] clearly talented should go largely unnoticed. 8/10"
The Music Fix

"A motherfucker...One of the season's finest releases."
The Decibel Tolls

Album of the Year: "A complete picture filled with peaks and valleys, surprises and highly memorable moments."
Matthew Carefully

"[Few] can create soundscapes with the glacial beauty of Pioulard."
Passion of the Weiss

"His most accomplished and satisfying set of songs yet...dream-folk with an almost effortless sway."
Other Music

Four Stars [****] : "Meditative textures seamlessly fade into fragile acoustic forays."
Time Out Chicago

Record of the Week: "Another incredible effort...Absolutely beautiful."
Culture Clash

"Ethereal, gossamer and elegaic...A treasure."
Delusions of Adequacy

"A massively inspired vehicle of brilliance."

"It took hold of me instantly [and] definitely sits among 2010's best."

"Beautiful...A singular vision."

"Gripping...An album that really bears its fruit after multiple listens."
Line of Best Fit

Featured Release: "Ghostly...The murk and mystery only enhance [Pioulard's] compositions."

Four Stars [****]: "Well-crafted and beautifully dreamy folk...There's a baffling amount of forethought on display here."

"Warm, ephemeral and unpretentious acoustic guitar-driven pop."
Utne Reader

Pick of the Day: "Dreamlike...every sound feels purposeful, strong and well-placed."
Corrosive Material

"Graceful and seemingly effortless."
Cyclic Defrost

"[He] has gotten so clever at earning his antiquated acoustics that I just want to drift out in a rowboat, satisfied and wordless."
Gumshoe Groove

"A sublimely gentle bundle of shimmering sounds and meditative melodies."
SF Weekly

"Top-notch stuff; worth a long, lingering listen."
Sound Fix

"His confidence in sonic exploration shows...a perfectly suitable tenant for the old house Grizzly Bear used to call home."
Spectrum Culture

"The best thing Pioulard has done, and a highlight in the Kranky catalogue."

"[Pioulard has] an undeniable gift for crafting sinuous melodies that worm their way into consciousness...Haunting."

"Mellow [and] pastoral...a mutually dependent hybrid of folk and ambient."

"[Lasted] feels like an overcast morning or a late-night drive - those moments that feel warm and comfortable."

"An excellent before-sleep listen, but equally good to hum along to at any time."
Mostly Armless

"Spectral folk that gently rises out of its surroundings like a hill cresting in a sea of fog."
Village Voice

"There is a lot to enjoy here...[Lasted] is fascinating in its depth."
Evil Sponge

"Almost whispered, completely romantic."
Friends With Both Arms

"A work of art; Lasted really shines when enjoyed front to back."
Top Shelf Audio

"Magic...The strength of the album [is] a youthful exuberance balanced equally with world-weary exasperation."
Fluid Radio

"A rare balance between field recordings and a pop spirit...brings forth brilliant songs like pearls falling on a trembling and blotted stage."

"As charming as it is unsettling."

"Ideal musical accompaniment to that annual pre-hibernation change in the seasons."

"Finely detailed...[Pioulard] has a monastic and slightly haunting flair for melody and pervasive harmonies."
Popcorn Noises

"Un des albums les plus immédiats et sensibles de l'année...9/10"
Little Reviews

"Ein kleines meisterwerk."
Das Klienicum

" extended exercise of sweet strums, hushed vocals and fieldwork."
Leo Weekly

"Magnifique...Lasted est un disque qui respire."

"Eine intensive klangliche Erfahrung."

"Un disco che merita tempo e fiducia."

"Another essential journey into the strange musical foothills between the realms of drone
and songwriting...Highly recommended."

"Captivante...Pioulard construit tranquillement une oeuvre exceptionelle."
Le Choix de Mlle Eddie

"Un album plein de surprises et de potentiel."

"Een sfeervolle cd van een uitzonderlijke schoonheid. Grote klasse!"

"Otra gran obra con su sello de calidad como garantía."
Recycling Panda