enge (moodgadget, 2005)

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"Wonderfully delicate and enchanting...Enge is a superb debut release."
The Milk Factory (UK)

"Pioulard makes haunting and sparse arrangements in which one realizes how fragile music is...[Enge is] hypnotic, beautiful and immensely complex."

"Mysterious and beautiful, [Enge is] the work of a songwriter tired of the same old familiar pop style. And for us, well, we're all the better for it."

"Simple and dreamlike acoustic guitar melodies float weightlessly on waves of hypnotic samples while Meluch uses his voice more like an accompanying instrument rather than a vehicle for words. Benoit Pioulard is ahead of the game that his contemporaries so often drown in."
SLUG Magazine

"Each song is a little pop masterpiece in its own way. Some songs carry on with a lazy haze that makes you want to ease back in a chair and soak it all in, while others dial up the noise and experimentation, engaging you in a different way."
Indie Workshop

"A great deal of Enge is about subtlety and layering, especially in conjunction with Meluch’s exceptional creative vision. Meluch isn’t your typical indie overachiever; he settles for what he sounds natural doing - making cavernously emotional acoustic recordings by way of his penchant for electronic manipulation. 8/10"
Lost At Sea

"The four songs on Enge are startlingly pretty, wistful and glistening among gossamer threads of guitar, shimmery electronics and whispery vocals...it is a small, quiet effort, exquisite at times, that hints at great things to come. 4.5/5 "
Ann Arbor Paper

"Though Enge flashes past in a mere twelve minutes, that's all the time needed for the listener to be wholly seduced by its four captivating songs. Thomas Meluch creates crystalline folk-pop teeming with fragile vocals, acoustic guitars, electronics, and percussion in a hazy shoegaze style that's somewhat reminiscent of Khonnor and more than a little easy to fall in love with."

"Scattering his numb voice against static-laced electronic backdrops, sleepy acoustic guitars, and myriad field recordings, Pioulard creates music that evaporates shade and cold, enveloping his surroundings in luminous bells and genuine warmth. Pioulard stakes his claim as an artist well-worth Googling, if only to follow along until he blesses us with a full-length."

"Fabulously hazy [and] brimming with cold water beats, Enge is thoroughly appetising and juniper scented acoustica that can't help but make you smile. Scrumptious."
Boomkat (UK)

"The aural equivalent to soaking in a strawberry bubblebath in the midst of a pine forest."

"[Pioulard] has stolen my musical heart...simply heaven sent."

"Exquisite...[Enge] is an unexpected gem from a humble and surprisingly talented young musician. 86/100"
Time Will Tell

"Benoit Pioulard’s debut EP for Moodgadget would feel right at home amongst the brooding lo-fi acoustic heroes of the 90s and the chisled indie folk heroes of the 00s. A great place to get acquainted with an artist whose promise is just starting to fully bloom...Four Stars (****) "
All Music Guide