the benoit pioulard listening matter (kranky, 2016)

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"Utterly transcendent...a river of intense emotion becomes engrained deep in the rich
embers of Meluch's sonic tapestry."
Fractured Air (UK)

Four Stars... "[Pioulard] couples his flair for atmosphere with lyrical storytelling that paints a more
complete picture of his world than ever before."
All Music Guide

"8/10 -- A baker's dozen of future-past pop songs etched onto water-warped tape... Euphoric."

"Imbued with a sense of how fleeting life can be... Meluch's words are sharp as ever,
evoking worlds of meaning in quick turns of phrase."

"The songs are natural, free, a glorious releasing of something that's been a burden."
Fluid Radio

"[A] spirit of gentle, often witty, humane resilience coupled with Meluch's never-better
songwriting skills make for an album that feels every bit as much a triumph as Sonnet did, even as it feels
like that album's near opposite."

"A perfect entry point into his music for those who may be unfamiliar to his unique style,
[as well as] a work that will really inspire his many lifelong fans."
Echoes and Dust

"Pioulard has deftly crafted each [song] to be enrapturing in ways that toy with the heart
and mind and then reach deep into the soul."

"Utterly perfect warmhearted lo-fi pop."
Norman Records

"Simple but intensely personal songwriting."

"Starke und gefallige Melodien und Refrains in einem reizvollen Gegenpart zu den melancholischen
und manchmal dunklen Sounds und Effekten."