lasted [handmade edition] (2010)

limited to 25 copies
** sold out **


hand-stamped / numbered note
cover image badge
full color antique postcard
color slide
polaroid photograph
guitar string from the album's making
lyric sheet
factory-made disc

also available: kranky [standard] edition

purse discusses (2m49s)
sault (3m18s) [clip]
rto (3m43s) [clip]
gloss (1m50s)
tie (3m25s)
shouting distance (3m06s)
fluoresce (2m18s)
lasted (2m52s) [clip]
weird door (1m10s)
ailleurs (2m56s)
passenger (1m05s)
tack & tower (3m28s)
a coin on the tongue (2m39s) [clip]
nod (5m22s)