hymnal [limited edition] (2013)

written & played at home in 2012
released march 4, 2013 on kranky (krank178)

limited to 25 copies, each including:

60-page, full color hardback book with photos & lyrics
factory-produced disc
exclusive cassette of demo versions & outtakes
one-of-a-kind polaroid photo from the book
35mm diana color photo
st. francis prayer card
handmade paper card/envelope
1/4" tape segment used in the album's production

** sold out **

mercy (3m00s)
hawkeye (3m45s) [clip]
reliquary (3m02s)
homily (1m06s) [video]
excave (3m56s)
gospel (6m13s)
florid (2m48s)
margin (3m15s) [stream]
censer (3m32s) [clip]
litiya (3m18s) [clip]
knell (5m29s)