i think these are the best records ever made:

ssab songs [omplatten]
the disintegration loops
by william basinski [2062]
go hawaii by casino versus japan [wobblyhead]
some best friend you turned out to be by max tundra [domino]
white light / white heat by the velvet underground [verve]
last splash by the breeders [4ad]
the best of the ink spots [decca]
chiastic slide by autechre [warp]
downward is heavenward by hum [rca]
geogaddi by boards of canada [warp]
curtains by tindersticks [beggars]
when by vincent gallo [warp]
guerrilla by super furry animals [creation]
let your heart draw a line by the remote viewer [cco]
haha sound by broadcast [warp]
plus 47 degrees... by fennesz [touch]
wave by antonio carlos jobim [a & m]